They say parents are granted divine inspiration when naming their child.

Definitely true when my parents named me.

And although I doubted it for a while there in 4th grade, they couldn’t have chosen a more perfect name for me.

My Hebrew name, Aliza Nechama, translates as Joyful Comfort.

These have always been, and continue to be, two of my strongest abilities. They are among the characteristics in myself of which I’m most proud, and which are the most “Me”.  As a daughter, sister, friend, wife, mother, teacher, and neighbor – one of the greatest gifts I have been blessed with is my ability to be joyful and to be a comfort: a good listener, with a genuine ever present smile, lots of energy, and a positive outlook (and sometimes, if I’m lucky, a funny joke or poignant insight). I’m grateful to G-d for these blessings, and to my parents for their foresight and insight in naming me so aptly.

So, choosing the title for this blog was easy: it’s me.

Joyful Comfort.
Hope I bring you some.

Enjoy my musings…